Genome Research Project Now in our fourth year of supporting Muir Maxwell Trust Clinical fellow Dr Simona Balestrini - please click here for further information. Close notice
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Projects in progress

  • The Genome Project

    Embracing the value of genetic testing, in October 2016 the Trust began supporting a ground-breaking research project in genetic epilepsies, by commencing funding of a Muir Maxwell Trust Clinical Fellow, Dr Simona Balestrini, a fully qualified neurologist more…

  • Epilepsy Alarms

    The Muir Maxwell Trust is the leading distributor of free epilepsy alarms by a charity in the UK, to families struggling to cope with their child's nocturnal seizures in epilepsy. more…

  • The Purple Service

    The Purple Service is led by Blue Sky Autism and is run by qualified, trained therapists in Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT). more…

More projects in progress

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