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The Muir Maxwell Trust has a reputation for outstanding fundraising events, setting a new standard for charity fundraising balls across the UK. Coinciding with the launch of the Trust was the Oriental Ball 2002/03, which set the standard with an event worthy of a high ticket price – great food, exquisite wines, outstanding entertainment and covetable prizes to bid for – not to mention the prize draw featuring exquisite diamonds and a car that would be the envy of many.

Ann’s formula dictates a new venue and a new theme every time. But the key to success is the message which is conveyed in a way that captures the imagination and moves the evening to a level of intense emotion and tears. Living the life of a real family coping with childhood epilepsy, the story is expressed from the heart. The message is simple. Epilepsy is the oldest condition known to man and in this, the 21st century, it is also one of the most under resourced. Misunderstood, it neglects the children first and the adults with complex epilepsy are simply the consequence of that negligence.

Appointed to the first Chair of Paediatric Epilepsy, an HRH The Prince of Wales’ appointment, Professor Brian Neville said "If we address the needs of complex paediatric epilepsy, then we will take care of other children with less complex epilepsy and adults too throughout the world" – words never forgotten by one of the Trust’s founders, Ann Maxwell.