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Mum on the Run for Epilepsy

Ann MaxwellThis autumn we launched a campaign called Mum on the Run for Epilepsy.  Our Co-Founder, Ann Maxwell, is running through Scotland and on the way visiting schools, businesses, clubs and voluntary organisations. 

As well as spreading the word about epilepsy and its impact on family life, the campaign will hopefully raise much needed funds for the Muir Maxwell Trust to continue providing practical support to children with complex epilepsy and their families.

If you would like to make a donation as part of this fundraising campaign please see the link below to our JustGiving page or if you are inspired to embrace a challenge of your own on our behalf please contact us and we will see how we can help.

Claverhouse Rotary Club - 6th January 2015

rotary wheel   Small“We would like to thank Ann for her interesting and inspiring presentation.  Our club members were extremely impressed and moved by her talk on a subject of which most knew very little.  We wish her and the Trust every success in the future.”
David Logan, Speakers Convenor for the Rotary Club 


Monifieth High School - 10th December 2014

Monifieth 4

Monifieth. A trip down memory lane when I once visited Dundee on a weekly basis and my business often took me to Monifieth, on the east side of Dundee. This is a road well travelled for me - but never before to Monifieth High School.  Thanks to MMT's trustee, Allison Williamson who introduced us to this great school and whom I worked with for many years in a leading accountancy firm. 

Click here to read more

We, staff and pupils greatly enjoyed your presentation, Ann is a captivating speaker who held the attention of the pupils throughout the presentations.  Epilepsy is such a prevalent condition but still has such stigma attached to it that Ann’s work breaking down social barriers through spreading knowledge is vital for all pupils in Scotland.  
Becky Whitfield, Acting Pupil Care and Support 


Forth Valley College - 24th-27th November 2014

Forth Valley CollegeThe College was a rewarding visit too. We enjoyed lunch with Mary McEwan in The Gallery at The Campus  Restaurant, run by the students themselves. We enjoyed a delicious two course meal of vichyssoise followed by chicken, olive fondant mash and seasonal vegetables, expertly served by students.

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Our return visit to Forth Valley College the week beginning 24th November was heartfelt. Students of the Pathfinders course had unfortunately witnessed a fellow student endure an unexpected seizure whilst in class. Not only had most of the students never witnessed a seizure before but the student herself had no idea she might have epilepsy and is undergoing tests to confirm.

Click here to read more

‘I didn't know there were so many types of epilepsy.’
‘That’s sort of the same thing that happened to my sister.’
‘That was really good, I learned a lot.’
‘We did a wee bit (about epilepsy) at school but we didn't know half that stuff’.'
 Pathfinders Students


Stirling High School - 24th November 2014

Stirling High SchoolIt is nostalgic to follow in the footsteps of those known to the Trust, in this case Anna Smaill's husband Peter who attended Stirling High School and his brother Alan, a Randolph Medallist Winner, all those years ago!  Of course, it was a different building then,not the lovely new school we visited yesterday opened in 2008 by local celebrity Kirsty Young. Click here to read more


Ann Maxwell's talk on her charity work for Epilepsy was moving and powerful.  The young people gained a greater understanding of the condition and were inspired by Ann's journey and her own personal experience of serious illness."
Lesley Allen, Depute Head

Musselburgh Congregational Church Women's Fellowship Group

14th October 2014

Musselburgh Congregational Church is the oldest church building in Musselburgh, tucked away behind Brunton Hall where, as a young School girl I performed on my clarinet as part of the Edinburgh secondary Schools Jazz Band. So tucked away is this church that you would never know it was there.The Women's Fellowship Group asked me to attend their first meeting of the year, further to a visit to a Musselburgh Rotary Meeting in the spring. Word of mouth is a great way for a speaker to be recommended. Click here to read more


Portobello High School - 8th October 2014

Portobello 4 cropped

Our Mum On the Run for Epilepsy (MORE) campaign began at Portobello High School (Porty) over a year ago. This is our third visit. Once again I gave a 'fast' talk to approximately 200 16 year olds, sharing with them my personal story and details of the work of the Trust. Click here to read more




Dalgety Bay PROBUS Club - 7th October 2014


My first ever PROBUS Club. PROBUS was originally sponsored by Rotary Clubs and were set up in the UK in 1965 for retired PROfessional BUSiness men. Dalgety Bay PROBUS was formed in 1983 and has almost 100 members. A Dalgety Bay Ladies PROBUS has just been established too with 45 members already. It was a daunting prospect, speaking to 70 retired business men about our work. Click Here to read more


Primary School - 5 October 2014

There was a calmness about the children in both schools which was good for me, making the subject matter easier to address. They were eager to listen, eager to learn and eager to share all kinds of personal experiences about illness, epilepsy and fundraising for charity. Click here to read more

"The children and staff at Heriot Primary School were delighted with our visit from Ann Maxwell of the Muir Maxwell Trust.  Ann was very well prepared and had such a lovely manner with the children who were thoroughly engaged for the whole session.  Ann pitched her presentations appropriately to suit the age range of the different groups of children, to ensure their understanding of a complex theme.  There was extremely positive feedback from all the children and staff."
Ms Jenny Grant, Headteacher 


MoorFoot Primary School - 5 October 2014

A gentle 'back to school' for me with a visit to two lovely primary schools in Midlothian and the Borders on Friday 5th September - Moorfoot and Heriot.  In fact, I was meant to be attending a Princes Trust fundraising ladies lunch at Prestonfield House that day but double booked, I chose to speak at four school assemblies instead and my choice was the right one, most therapeutic. I loved it! 

Click here to read more

"Ann's presentations were informative and interesting, and pitched at an appropriate level.  The children were engaged throughout; hearing Muir's story has helped them to learn more about epilepsy and broadened their understanding of differences."
Jane Lambley
, Head Teacher

Our Lady's RC Primary School - 23 May 2014 

We received a very warm welcome from Head teacher Maureen Howie. This is an interesting school campus in Stirling that comprises Our Lady's RC Primary School alongside and indeed, under the same roof as Castleview which is a school for children with special needs. Maureen is Head teacher of both schools. Also on campus is the local community centre.  Click here to read more


Forth Valley College - 23 May 2014 

Forth Valley CollegeThanks to Mary McEwan for the opportunity to speak to her students (all women) about the Muir Maxwell Trust. Many of Mary's students will go on to work with children or perhaps even pursue a career in social services and therefore I think the information we shared with them was particularly valuable. 

In the group was a lady with epilepsy who was able to speak quite comfortably about her own recent diagnosis. She also confirmed that in the course of our discussion she had learnt things she didn't know about epilepsy. Click here to read more

"I would like to say thank you very much to Ann for taking the time to visit my class last week. The session was very informative and raised our awareness of epilepsy and the much needed work that the Muir Maxwell Trust do. We also learned about the impact that epilepsy has on individuals as well as their families. Ann was able to talk honestly and openly to the group about her personal experiences. I will definitely be inviting you back for more sessions in the future."
Mary McEwan, Learner Development Worker, Forth Valley College.


Bell Baxter High School - 10, 14 & 17 March 2014  

Bell Baxter High SchoolBell Baxter High is the largest school in Fife and one of the largest in Scotland. It has 1800 pupils. Speaking to 1800 pupils about epilepsy is no easy task and so drama teacher, Kirsty Simcock, has organised six early morning sessions in total, enabling the Muir Maxwell Trust story to be shared with each year group. These sessions run back to back and move at quite a pace, with between 100 and 300 pupils filing in and out of the assembly hall each time. Our final sessions take place today, when I will share our story once again, this time with S1 and S2 year groups.  Click here to read more

'Ann was amazing, she connected with the young people from the beginning. Her delievery was outstanding and her personal story was touching, very emotional indeed. Pupils were visibly moved by her words. It is clear to see throughout her presentation that she is a woman who truly is committed to her trust, a heart warming speaker who was able to communiucate effectively to a wide range of young people.'
Kirsty Simcock, Teacher 


Pitlochry High School - 12 March 2014

Pitlochry High SchoolOur final school visit this week took us to Pitlochry High School where we were immediately greeted by Deputy Head Janice McDonald and whisked off to the gym where we would be presenting to P7 a S1. Pitlochry High had a week focused on 'healthy living' and the MMT story served as the climax of that week with some information about epilepsy and a brief insight in to the lives of children a little less fortunate, in terms of health. This group of approximately 70 children were most attentive and they enjoyed my presentation. The questions that followed were challenging however and evidenced very curious minds. In particular they were curious about Muir.  Click here to read more

"Overall I thought Ann's presentation was a good experience and I appreciate that she came to tell us all about her and Muir’s life."
P7 Pupil 


Leith Rotary Club - 13 March 2014

rotary wheel   Small

I love the concept of Rotarians. It reminds me that we may have lost the real art of face to face communication and networking which of course is all done by social media these days. It is almost a contradiction when I see these that rotary clubs too have their own Facebook pages. Click here to read more

“We all found Ann to be an excellent speaker on a very interesting subject which we knew little about.”  Martin Clark, Secretary 

Portobello High School - 12 March 2014

Portobello 2

And so back to Porty it was, this time to speak to S5 and S6 school pupils. Portobello High School (affectionately known as Porty) was the very first school I presented to last September. It did feel a little strange returning there and delivering a presentation that the first time was inaugural but now, I have come to know so well. For the time slot available and for the senior year group I was talking to, it hasn't changed much at all. The slides and content are very much the same except for the opening slide which is now of me running out of Porty last September as part of the Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign (MORE). I remember that day well. It was raining heavily and I ran the 10k distance home! Thank goodness that, for me, there is only one thing worse than running and that is not running, otherwise I am sure I would not be doing this!  Click here to read more

“The assembly was moving and inspiring. It made me aware of the condition and how it affects the lives of so many people.” 
Chloe Gardner, S6

“Ann’s assembly was heart-breaking. I learned so much.” 
Michael Gaffney, S6.


Greyfriars RC Primary School - 6 March 2014

And so it was, on this sunny day, on to Greyfriars RC Primary School, just 5 minutes away from the Main Street in St Andrews.  This time I spoke to some 80 or so P4 - P7 pupils, a much more interactive talk with slides and pupil participation. As I keep saying, I just love talking to this age group about epilepsy. They are without doubt the most open minded and the most curious without any inhibitions when it comes to questions - and the questions were prolific. Click here to read more


St Leonard's  School - 6 March 2014

St Leonards School

The welcome was fantastic, although I suspect the Deputy Headmaster, Dr Geoffrey Jackson-Hutt was as keen to see me as I was to have arrived on time.  The entire school was waiting 'patiently' in the assembly hall. I sat on stage on a garden bench, in a rose garden as Dr Jackson-Hutt addressed a few housekeeping matters and then introduced me. I suspect the stage was set for a school play that was being staged during the course of that week. 

Click here to read more

"Our children were moved by Ann’s presentation. I was very impressed with how Ann has taken a personal misfortune and turned it to so much good, not only for Muir, who has suffered brain damage from epilepsy, but for so many other people with epilepsy as well..........
Andrew Lang, Head of Senior School 


Middleton Park Primary School - 26 February 2014

Middleton Park Primary School

It is a great privilege and a pleasure to speak to an entire school about the challenges of epilepsy for children and families, in this case Middleton Park.  It is also a test for me to reach out simultaneously to P1 and to P7 on this subject and hold the interest of both age groups - but I think we were successful. It is testimony to the children and their teachers when they sit so attentively for half an hour listening to my story. The proof that they have all been paying attention is in the questions and they were prolific. Click here to read more

'Our visit from Muir Maxwell Trust was inspiring. Anne shared a very personal story which engaged all our pupils and helped them understand the complexities of Epilepsy...........
Jenny Watson, Head Teacher


Hazlehead  Primary School - 26 February 2014

Hazlehead Primary School

Hazlehead Primary did not disappoint either. I spoke to P4-P7 pupils and again the interest in the subject and the children's curiosity for more information was apparent. This age group really is a pleasure to speak to. It is without doubt my favourite. I leave knowing that they will remember my visit for lots of good reasons and my aim to raise awareness of epilepsy, in particular severe and complex epilepsy with early onset in infancy, has been achieved.  Click here to read more

" The visit raised awareness of Epilepsy amongst our pupils. It helped many children realise that famous people have epilepsy and they succeed. The visit was a huge success and a very worthwhile cause. Good luck with all the runs!"
Barbara Jones, Head Teacher 


And so we Flew to Orkney! - 16  to 18 February 2014

The Standing Stones of Stennes, OrkneyInga, Muir's carer since the day he was born, is from Finstown in Orkney. She came to work for us as our nanny. At that time we had only Connor, now almost 20 years old. Muir was born just two years late and Rory followed within a year of that. I could not have coped with three children under the age of five, as well as a full time job without Inga. She is our Mary Poppins!

Click here to read more


Kirkwall Grammar School 

Kirkwall Grammer

Our first port of call the next day was Kirkwall Grammar School. Anna had been light in detail up to this point. KGS is brand new - only four weeks old, in fact and all I can say is KGS, you lucky ducks! This school is to die for. I had the privilege of speaking from the stage of the Orkney Theatre, the school's assembly hall, shared with the local community. It is the most outstanding venue I have ever had the opportunity of presenting in. Added to which, I had a truly unique audience of senior pupils who filled just half of this 400 seat auditorium, who never moved, coughed, flinched, or anything. But they asked amazing questions and I was literally stunned by this exceptional group of senior pupils.

"Our pupils and staff were both moved and inspired by the talk Ann delivered. It was a serious reality check and you have enhanced our understanding of the impact that epilepsy can have on families. ....."
Gordon McDonald, Deputy Head Teacher 

Stromness Academy

Stromness AcademyIt was a theme that was to prevail across all the schools we visited in the course of our travels around Orkney over two days. Next up, Stromness Academy, just the Depute Headmaster and the Guidance Manager, because pupils were still in prelims. But MORE will follow here.



St Andrews Primary School

St Andrews Primary School

Then St Andrews Primary School blew us away. Touched by epilepsy, a little girl told us about her Daddy who has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and whose seizures she often witnesses and worries about.  She wants to fund-raise in his honour. And a little boy whose grandmother, just the weekend before and because of our visit, confessed she had epilepsy and told him to listen carefully.  This is a wonderful community that is clearly robust and self supporting but some things remain private until there a reason to coax them out of secrecy. We were deeply touched by these reactions to our presence. The pupils of St Andrews celebrated the occasion with a wonderful rendition of 'This Little Light of Mine', with tambourines galore and Head Teacher Thelma Holt on guitar. The moment was very special and one we shall remember fondly following this MORE campaign.

"Children told me that they spoke to their parents about the assembly, who shared their experiences of epilepsy with their children."
Thelma Holt, Head Teacher

Orkney Rotary Club

rotary wheel   SmallOur day climaxed with a brief visit to the Italian Chapel, a nissan hut on Lamb Holm, stunningly converted into an exquisite chapel by Italian prisoners of war during World War II, who were housed on the previously uninhabited island whilst they constructed Churchill Barriers to the East of Scapa Flow. There is nothing quite like a bit of culture whilst being a MORE! We followed that with an extremely worthwhile and interesting meeting with a senior member of the Orkney Rotary Club and again, MORE will follow here.


Firth Primary School 

Firth Primary School

Our second day took us to Firth and Evie Primary Schools, traditional small highland schools with a cosy community atmosphere that probably cannot be replicated - unless you are a small school in the highlands! Classes are small but year groups are taught together. In truth, this is my favourite age group to speak to about epilepsy. Out of the mouths of babes come the most honest questions. They never fail to challenge me and I love it. The rug was well and truly pulled from under my feet at Firth Primary School however, for two reasons  - a little boy so bravely confessed to his classmates that he had been struggling with epilepsy for quite a while and even described the detail of his seizures. 


Evie Primary School 

Evie Primary School

Evie Primary was no different with engaging pupils, challenging questions and a healthy curiosity for this new subject -  which I love. The headmistress of both Firth and Evie Primary Schools, Ingrid Rendall, made us so welcome and staff too. Our impact at Firth meant that she included P5 as well as P6 & P7 in the presentation and they were truly a pleasure to engage with on the subject of epilepsy.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the visits to both Firth and Evie primary schools. The talk was so well presented and from the heart. The children really got a lot out of it and most of all it raised awareness for all of us.” 
Ingrid Rendall, Head Teacher


Blackhall Primary School  - 7 February 2014

Blackhall Primary

We were so pleased to be able to support a mum whose child has epilepsy when she asked us to visit her son's primary school in Blackhall, Edinburgh to talk to the pupils about epilepsy. She heard about us from a friend whose child attends the Edinburgh Academy, a school I spoke to last year. There was apparently great follow on chat about all the people in history who had epilepsy and the Edinburgh Academy pupil was inspired. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.......  Click here to read more

"We were delighted to welcome the Muir Maxwell Trust to Blackhall Primary School.  The children and staff learned a huge amount about Epilepsy in a sensitive and caring assembly.  The children were able to reflect upon how Epilepsy can change lives for a whole family..........."
Ms Arran Finlay, Headteacher 


Moredun House Fettes College - 4 February 2014

Fettes CollegePredictive texting nearly got me in to trouble this time - Moredun men translated in to more fun men but we decided it should stick! So the more fun Moredun men at Fettes College are supporting MMT's Mum On the Run Campaign (MORE) campaign on their charity race day on March. Each boarding house has chosen their own charity and we are thrilled that Moredun House has chosen MMT. Click here to read more



Rotary Club of Musselburgh - 3 February  2014

rotary wheel   SmallThis 'mum on the run for epilepsy' did not have far to run on this occasion. In fact, so short was the distance that I dressed up for the occasion rather than wear my running shoes. I was invited to speak at the Musselburgh Rotary Club, our local rotary, about the work of the Trust. We were as close to MMT's own office as we have ever been on this occasion, meeting the rotary members at the Quay on Fisherrow Harbour in Musselburgh.

   Click here to read more

''Ann gave an eloquent, moving, and passionate Presentation that left us all in awe of her.''
John Dickson (Speakers Secretary). 


Mary Erskine School - 28 January 2014

Mary Erskine

We had a lovely visit to Mary Erskine's school for girls today, made especially welcome by Graeme Blackhall S2E Form Tutor. Speaking to a second form class about epilepsy, we found them not just attentive and receptive but eager to ask lots of relevant questions. Some questions were challenging, others thought provoking. It is quite clear these girls were applying their thoughts about epilepsy to everyday life which is most inspiring for us. Click here to read more

“The girls learnt a lot of new things today about a topic they believed they knew more about already. Ann talked with great detail and insight on Epilepsy, and the girls found it really interesting listening to all the examples she had about her son and how she has raised money for a great cause.”  
Graeme Blackhall S2E Form Tutor


Fettes Prep School - 23 January 2014

Fettes Prep School

It has been a quiet month for the Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign (MORE) whilst many senior school pupils focus on mock exams. However, the MORE diary is quickly filling up again and our return to the business of raising epilepsy awareness in schools took the form of a visit to Fettes Prep School, in Edinburgh this morning. Our Founder, Ann Maxwell is no stranger to Fettes, having served her time doing years of school runs for two of her boys who attended this school. 

Click here to read more

“In a short space of time, Ann created a strong empathic relationship with the whole audience and I know that everyone left the Assembly feeling informed and  tremendously sympathetic towards the charity."
Adam Edwards, Headmaster


St Andrew's RC High School - 14 December 2013

St Andrew's RC High School

This time it was St Andrews High School in Kirkcaldy and we had the pleasure of addressing 180 fourth form pupils who were the most engaged that we have experienced so far. In particular we were impressed by the questions that were asked at the end of my 50 minute presentation. We were asked about the future for MMT and also I was asked more about my own health and the specific challenges of training for a marathon with a brain tumour and cranial nerve damage. Click here to read more

“This is the area of medicine that I would like to work in so this presentation was of particular interest to me.  I, like many others found it inspirational and moving.....” 
Mary, pupil

“An inspirational story which helped me to appreciate what I have in my life and how fortunate I am.”  
Sorcha, pupil


Craigholme School - 6 December 2013

Craigholme School

As our destinations are increasingly further afield, Anna and I find ourselves, like two road warriors, setting off long before dawn to reach our schools in time for assembly. MMT's Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign involves a bit of road travel by car, as well as those essential miles under the feet for marathon training, usually after my talk about epilepsy to school pupils. Recently, 'the road less travelled' is the M8 to Glasgow and yesterday's school was Craigholme School for girls where we received a very warm welcome from staff and pupils alike. Click here to read more

"The girls definitely benefited from Ann's powerful presentation which highlighted to them the range of conditions  that come under the umbrella term of epilepsy but, more importantly, showed the strength of the human spirit.  ........"
Gillian Stobo, Principal


The High School of Glasgow - 20 November 2013

High School of Glasgow 2

As a Sweaty Betty sponsored Mum On the Run for Epilepsy, with an eye for fashion, even in sportswear, I have to declare a big thumbs up for the High School of Glasgow's team colours - a vibrant blue and contrasting mustard yellow. It really caught my fashion eye.  Click here to read more

“We were impressed and touched by the passion of Ann Maxwell and the important, transforming work of the Muir Maxwell Trust .............."
John O'Neill, Senior Deputy Rector 


Kelvindale Primary School - 18 November 2013

Kelvindale Primary School

Kelvindale Primary School is a hidden gem, a tardis from the outside that educates a total of 400 primary school children and so big behind its front door that Anna and I got lost! We talked about epilepsy twice at this lovely school, first of all to the primary 4 - 7 pupils, followed by the primary 1 - 3 pupils. In fact, I had reinvented my presentation a little bit since the last talk, in an attempt to engage a little better with the younger children and it worked. Click here to read more

"I thought it was very moving and it helped me understand more about epilepsy."
                                                  Summer, pupil


Valley Primary School - 1 November 2013

Valley Primary School

It was clear that assembly had been in progress for a while and I was concerned that the attention span of the primary school children would not extend to the length of our presentation but I was wrong. It did. And they were remarkable. Amongst them quite a number with special educational needs and even epilepsy but the children listened attentively and asked remarkable questions. It never ceases to amaze me.  One of the girls asked me if Muir is ever made fun of at school because of his disabilities.  Click here to read more

'A really inspiring experience for both staff and pupils.  Children were engaged by the presentation and it really made them think.'
 Kylie Walsh, Depute Head Teacher P3 - P7


Inverkeithing High School - 21, 24 & 25 October 2013

Inverkeithing High SchoolInverkeithing High School reminds me of my own school, Firrhill High School. It's a large school and takes quite a bit of navigating. The students there have big personalities and they like to self-express but they are nonetheless, impressive. Each visit that we made this week, we were escorted by two school pupils through a maze of corridors to a purpose built lecture theatre in the heart of the science department, a little bit dated but doubtless the envy of many when the school was built. Click here to read more

'The pupils really enjoyed learning more about epilepsy. They were fully engaged for the whole talk and thoroughly enjoyed the experience'.
Mrs Kennedy, Curriculum Leader, Inverkeithing High


North Queensferry Primary School - 24 October 2013

North Queensferry Primary SchooolEvery school is unique and North Queensferry Primary School is no different. Again, out of the mouths of babes came the most challenging questions about epilepsy. Our founder, Ann Maxwell addressed the whole school from P1 to P7 which in itself is a challenging task. But the children were receptive and inquisitive and astute with lots to add to the subject of epilepsy based on their own experiences in their very young lives. Click here to read more

“The pupils enjoyed the presentation and it was great to hear from someone who had such personal experience of epilepsy.  This allowed the children to better understand the issues around epilepsy and relate them to their own experience.  The children were interested in the topic and the questions they asked were handled sensitively but honestly.”
Emily Good, Teacher

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club - 23 October 2013

rotary wheel   SmallWhat a great privilege it was to be invited to present to the Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club, one of the most significant rotary clubs in Scotland - and our founder's first! Lunch at the North Queensferry Hotel was lovely, the hospitality extended to Ann and Christina by rotary club members was exemplary. They truly are the consummate professionals - but they should be, as these professional business people have been hosting rotaries for a long time. Since 1972 in fact. Click here to read more


Allan's Primary School - 11 October 2013

Allan's Primary SchoolIt was an unusual experience meeting the staff and pupils at Allan's Primary School on a dress-down-day all wearing their onesies, whilst baking chocolate crispies and decorating them with marshmallows and smarties. It almost seemed a shame to drag them away from their deliciously tempting baking creations which they dared not eat for fear of spoiling them. They were all having so much fun and there we were in the wings waiting to talk about epilepsy.

Click here to read more


The Edinburgh Academy Junior School - 7 & 9 October 2013

The Edinburgh Academy Junior SchoolSome very smart questions were asked of our Founder Ann Maxwell by Edinburgh Academy Junior School primary 1-3 pupils about epilepsy in assembly this morning. That old idiom, 'out of the mouths of babes,' could not have been more applicable. Epilepsy is often considered 'the elephant in the room' but by dealing with it openly and honestly and as early as possible in school life, myths are dispelled and fear of the unknown is eliminated. Click here to read more

"The presentations were extremely informative and the slide show helped to engage the children."
                                                   Lesley Paterson


Balhousie Primary School - 1 October 2013

Balhousie Primary SchoolThis afternoon Ann was extended another warm welcome this time from the staff and primary 4 to 7 pupils at Balhousie Primary School.  Following Ann's presentation the extremely receptive young audience had may questions to ask and a lively discussion followed. Epilepsy is a tricky subject to get your head around at the best of times but especially when you have a young and inquiring mind. 

Our thanks to Mrs Agnes Thomson for allowing Ann's visit.

"The presentation has now given the children a better understanding of Epilepsy as many did not know anything about it or heard of it before. Ann was very good at explaining, well organised and knew what she was talking about." 
Agnes Thomson Head Teacher


Glenalmond College - 1 October 2013

Glenalmond CollegeA warm welcome was extended to Ann this week at Glenalmond College in Perthshire. Ann had the opportunity to share her story about Muir, his epilepsy and the work of the Muir Maxwell Trust with almost all pupils in the schools. Enlightening discussion followed her presentation with both primary school pupils and college students, on the often complex and sometimes sensitive issues surrounding epilepsy. Some myths about epilepsy were dispelled and interesting issues regarding the ethics of genetics in epilepsy were also considered. All in all, a great week of epilepsy awareness for MMT's MORE campaign - Mumon the Run For Epilepsy.

Our heartfelt thanks  to Glenalmond College for their dress down day in support of MMT and we look forward to  returning to Glenalmond for their fundraising event, Give Gig, in support of MMT. Click here to read more

“Glenalmond College pupils and staff were gripped by Ann’s presentation in Chapel.  Her story moved and inspired our young people.  We are delighted to be able to give our financial support to the Muir Maxwell Trust and will remember its important work in our prayers.”
The Rev'd Giles DoveGlenalmond College


Loretto Senior School School - 18 September 2013

Loretto Senior SchoolFirst of all a talk in Chapel and then a Religious Studies Class, followed by a Classics Class. That's how Ann's morning at Loretto Senior School came together before she ran home in her Sweaty Betty sponsored sportswear. Ann had the privilege of addressing 460 Senior School pupils following a Bible reading from Mathew, chapter 17 v14-21, which highlighted the fact that epilepsy goes back to Biblical times and in many ways little scientific progress has been made. Click here to read more

"Loretto School was delighted to receive a visit from Ann from The Muir Maxwell Trust who spoke movingly and inspirationally about the magnificent work the Trust does to support families affected by epilepsy."
Loretto Senior School

UPDATE - November 2014

Cheque Presentation 5 Nov 2014One year after my first visit to Loretto School in Musselburgh, as part of our MORE campaign, I was invited back to a school assembly for a cheque presentation in support of the Trust's work. 

My visit to the school last year when I briefly shared the story of Muir and the Muir Maxwell Trust  resulted in a commitment to fundraise for our cause by pupils and we are thrilled to receive the sum of £1036.72.  Click here to read More

Loretto Junior School School - 17 September 2013

Loretto Junior SchoolOur founder, Ann Maxwell made a visit to a local school in Musselburgh today - Nippers at Loretto. It was a lively young audience aged between 8 and 12 years and Ann's presentation had to be carefully tailored to suit. Epilepsy is a tricky subject to get your head around at the best of times but especially when you have a young and inquiring mind. Click here to read more

 "We were delighted to welcome Ann Maxwell from the Muir Maxwell Trust to Loretto Junior School.  Ann gave an excellent presentation which provided the boys and girls with a comprehensive and sympathetic insight into the issues around childhood epilepsy."
Philip Meadows, Head, Loretto, Junior School


Portobello High School - 11 September 2013

Portobello High SchoolThe Trust's Mum on the Run for Epilepsy (MORE) Campaign officially launched today with Ann's first talk taking place at Portobello High School in Edinburgh. Ann's audience comprised 260 S4 pupils who were incredibly receptive to her story of Muir, the Trust and its 10 year contribution to scientific progress and understanding of childhood epilepsy. Click here to read more

".........pupils found it to be a very moving, memorable experience. Ann is an incredible role model for the pupils and her determination and optimism are inspirational."
Allyson Dobson, Depute Head, 
Portobello High School 

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