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An enormous thank you to the Davies family

Little Beca Davies is five years old and has a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome which has resulted in extreme developmental delay.  Beca has seizures every day.  Helen, Beca's Mum works just part-time as a midwife  in order to be available to care for Beca, whilst Beca's Dad, Stuart, endures daily kidney dialysis as he awaits a kidney donor for a transplant.  

The Davies are an extraordinary family dealing with more than their fair share of difficulties.  As if that is not enough, Helen decided to organise a fundraiser in support of the work of the Muir Maxwell Trust.  Helen found MMT following an article about our work in You magazine.  The Trust provided Beca with a potentially life saving epilepsy alarm which now sits under the mattress of her bed.  Helen and Stuart can sleep more peacefully now, knowing that the alarm will alert them to Beca's seizure if she has one in the night.

As a way to say thank you for the support they have received from the Trust, Helen and Stuart planned a fundraising event which was held at The Halliwell Centre, Trinity College on Saturday 18th 2008.

Entertainment was provided by Elis James, a Carmarthen comedian who performed at this year's Edinburgh Festival and 60s music was performed by The Barrow Boys.

The event has raised an absolutely amazing £13,500 and Helen tells us donations are still rolling in.  This remarkable sum is down to the incredible hard work of Helen and her family, an astounding feat given all of the day-to-day challenges they face.  Helen even found time to grab her 15 minutes of fame in an interview on Radio Cymru!

An enormous thank you to the Davies family, their guests and supporters from the Muir Maxwell Trust.

Donations can still be made using Justgiving.  

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