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Welcome to our MMEC Ph.D Students!

A huge welcome to Nicholas Dobbs and Matthew Hunter, both Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre (MMEC) funded Ph.D students who joined our partnership with Edinburgh University College of Medicine in September and October 2012, respectively.

Nicholas will focus on a study of society and schools and their relationship with children with epilepsy, with a particular emphasis on the effect of epilepsy on the family and will include a look at their experience in Section 23 & 24 of the Children's Act Scotland 1995.  Matthew Hunter will focus on a study of assessments in preschool epilepsy, looking at the cognitive impairments in preschool children trying to identify the frequency, spectrum and risk factors.

The lead clinician in both of these studies will be Dr Richard Chin who heads up the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre. We look forward to learning about the outcomes of this invaluable research in due course.



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