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'Young Epilepsy' to Build a New School

'Young Epilepsy', formerly the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE), changed its name and we don't know if that is why it perhaps fell off MMT's radar a bit - it shouldn't have! We like the name and MMT has been a huge supporter of Young Epilepsy in the past when they were fundraising for their new state of the art medical centre which we contributed towards. Indeed, an entire wing of the centre is named after the Muir Maxwell Trust and houses the state of the art telemetry equipment we purchased for them for diagnostic use.

So it was with great pleasure that we re-engaged with Young Epilepsy at a recent meeting with their Chief Executive David Ford, who informed us that Young Epilepsy are now fundraising and soon to start building a state of the art school for young people with epilepsy in their existing grounds at Lingfield in Surrey. Fundraising is being matched 'pound for pound' by Young Epilepsy's most generous trustees and they are already half way there, with only £5million to go! Planning permission has been applied for and the project will soon go out to tender with building commencing in 2014. The plans look stunning.

This is a most exciting development!

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