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Jack's Belles do it Again!

Jack's Belles dedicated following of ladies who lunch rose to the occasion once again at the Jack's Belles annual Ladies Lunch in Lytham St Anne's, in support of the Muir Maxwell Trust. Funds raised exceeded £4,500 with a further cheque for £689 which was presented to Catherine Bell, mother of Jack, by Helen Sargison who recently ran the Blackpool 10k.

Jack, now aged 6, like Muir Maxwell, has Dravet Syndrome and the Bell family continue to struggle with this challenge to Jack's health. Family life is different for the Bells but they are supported by Catherine's girlfriends who have come to be affectionately known as Jack's Belles. Together and tirelessly they all raise funds for the Muir Maxwell Trust, in support of Jack and his family.

The afternoon was deeply emotional for everyone who attended as Catherine led her audience down a memory lane of six years of Jack and his struggle with Dravet Syndrome, a story that has now been shared over that time with all of these ladies who come back every year and show their support. Compere and Jack's Belle, Helen Dentith-Adams (who was not pregnant this year!), lead the afternoon's events and the fundraising with energy, enthusiasm and laughter that can only be likened to that of a true professional. Remarkable!

MMT's Founder was guest speaker for the occasion and true to her promise (unlike previous years) she did not spoil the make- up of the lovely ladies who lunch by reducing them to tears and the mascara remained intact! -  But rather took the opportunity to update all on the achievements of the Trust over the last 10 years, which was very well received.

This kind of fundraising is invaluable to MMT and so much appreciated by us all. More valuable still is the friendship that has emerged with all of Jack's Belles and our MMT team, moral support that goes a long, long way towards helping our cause and our families.

Heartfelt thanks to each and everyone!

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