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Congratulations to our Muir Maxwell Trust Fellow!

Yet more congratulations are in order for our Muir Maxwell Trust Fellow, Andreas Brunklaus who has now had his third research paper published, this time in the prestigious medical journal 'Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.' The subject of the paper highlights the merits of a genetic diagnosis in epilepsy for children and how genetic testing is altering patient management and improving care. It has also been announced that Andreas is to be awarded the MacKeith Prize by the British Paediatric Neurology Association.

These achievements are remarkable and an  indication of the outstanding contribution that is being made to progress in Paediatric Epilepsy by the Genetic Diagnostic Service based at Yorkhill Children's Hospital in Glasgow, originally funded by MMT. Further to acknowledgement by the Scottish Government in May of this year of this truly world class contribution to Childhood Epilepsy, this service is now funded by the  NHS National Services Division and will offer testing of a further six epilepsy genes from mid-2012. Increasingly, earlier testing for children and adults with severe epilepsies is being made possible as the clinical symptoms of difficult epilepsies are being universally recognised by this data gathering service combined with research. Genetic counselling has also been made possible to assist families and individuals in moving forward from their diagnosis. Dr Sameer Zuberi is head of the DNA Genetic Service for Epilepsy based at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

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