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Thank You Biggleswade

Having the opportunity while being down in London for the Middle Temple event, Ann-Marie and Christina paid a visit to Biggleswade Rugy Club on Friday 22 March to receive the funds raised during their 2012 Santa Nite Fundraiser.  Paula Rastrick very kindly collected our girls from the train station and took them on to the club.

It was wonderful to have been able to thank, personally, supporters of the Trust and particularly nice to have met Sally and Andy, the parents of Oliver, the two year old little boy in need of a bed alarm.  Ann-Marie was even more delighted to have been able to hand over an alarm voucher to Sally and Andy.  That's when the tears began!

It was with grateful thanks that Ann-Marie accepted, on behalf of the Trust, a cheque for £1,329 from Stan Mattews, the club's Chairman.

From everyone at MMT a huge thank you and we wish the club members well with their fundraising campaign to secure the club's future, particularly Paula with her next fundraising challenge, a "tough muga".



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