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The Trust's Mum on the Run for Epilepsy (MORE) Campaign officially launched today with Ann's first talk taking place at Portobello High School in Edinburgh. Ann's audience comprised 260 S4 pupils who were incredibly receptive to her story of Muir, the Trust and its 10 year contribution to scientific progress and understanding of childhood epilepsy.

In the course of 25 minutes - in which you could have heard a pin drop - Ann covered the history of epilepsy from Biblical times, to date, discussing famous people with epilepsy in history as well as famous living people with epilepsy today. She explained a little bit about epilepsy and what to do if you should ever see a seizure as well as asking these young people, with their lives very much ahead of them, why these days nobody wants to be a brain surgeon when they grow up!

As a small charity the Trust gets just one London Marathon place every five years and in order to maximum the return on this hugely coveted place, Ann is running the Virgin London Marathon herself next April but not without challenges because of her brain tumour. She will be spending a long time in training and out of the office and so along the way she will be running in to Scottish schools and telling them all about epilepsy.

Despite the rain, after her talk, Ann took off in to the streets of Edinburgh, wearing her Sweaty Betty sponsored running gear and determined to get those miles under her feet.

Our thanks to Allyson Dobson, Depute Head, and Jean Heath, RME Dept, for allowing Ann's visit and for their hospitality and kind words. 

".........pupils found it to be a very moving, memorable experience. Ann is an incredible role model for the pupils and her determination and optimism are inspirational."
Allyson Dobson, Depute Head, 
Portobello High School

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