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Staying Local with MORE

Our founder, Ann Maxwell made a visit to a local school in Musselburgh today - Nippers at Loretto. It was a lively young audience aged between 8 and 12 years and Ann's presentation had to be carefully tailored to suit. Epilepsy is a tricky subject to get your head around at the best of times but especially when you have a young and inquiring mind.

Out of the mouths of this young audience came the most astute questions and their desire to name the great names in history with epilepsy was astonishing. There was huge audience participation which kept Ann on her toes. The subject matter was well received and the children were most definitely engaged.

Our thanks to Headmaster Philip Meadows for the opportunity and also for his encouraging words to Ann as she set off following her presentation on yet another uphill run all the way home as part of her training for next years London Marathon.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to addressing Loretto senior school pupils in Chapel and afterwards with the S4 religious Studies set.

 "We were delighted to welcome Ann Maxwell from the Muir Maxwell Trust to Loretto Junior School.  Ann gave an excellent presentation which provided the boys and girls with a comprehensive and sympathetic insight into the issues around childhood epilepsy."
Philip Meadows, Head, Loretto, Junior School

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