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3 In 1!

First of all a talk in Chapel and then a Religious Studies Class, followed by a Classics Class. That's how Ann's morning at Loretto Senior School came together before she ran home in her Sweaty Betty sponsored sportswear.

Ann had the privilege of addressing 460 Senior School pupils following a Bible reading from Mathew, chapter 17 v14-21, which highlighted the fact that epilepsy goes back to Biblical times and in many ways little scientific progress has been made.

The pupils of Loretto Senior School had already made the decision to support the Muir Maxwell Trust's Mum on the Run for Epilepsy Campaign and an MMT Max mascot teddy bear was presented to the charity committee to cheer them on. We are so grateful for their support.

In a Religious Studies Class Ann discussed epilepsy in the context of discrimination and prejudice, highlighting the difficulties children and families encounter when they are living with epilepsy and explaining how the charity supports families in order to overcome these attitudes.

In a Classics class much was made of fundraising between Edinburgh ( the Athens of the North) and London and Ann talked the class through her personal achievements in terms of overcoming difficulties in the face of adversity, including the Athens Marathon ( the original Marathon) which she ran in 2010.

All round it was a morning of learning and Ann learnt much too about some of the challenges presented by epilepsy for some of the pupils and staff. Epilepsy is every where, yet we still don't talk about it enough.

Ann and her team had a most enjoyable morning at Loretto Senior School. Thanks to Peter Sutton for organising everything and looking after us so well. Heartfelt thanks to all for their commitment to fundraising for MMT.

"Loretto School was delighted to receive a visit from Ann from The Muir Maxwell Trust who spoke movingly and inspirationally about the magnificent work the Trust does to support families affected by epilepsy."

Loretto Senior School

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