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Onesies and Chocolate Crispies!

It was an unusual experience meeting the staff and pupils at Allan's Primary School on a dress-down-day all wearing their onesies, whilst baking chocolate crispies and decorating them with marshmallows and smarties. It almost seemed a shame to drag them away from their deliciously tempting baking creations which they dared not eat for fear of spoiling them. They were all having so much fun and there we were in the wings waiting to talk about epilepsy.

Surprisingly, we had their attention very quickly and yet again, you could have heard a pin drop. Why is epilepsy such a fascinating subject? Is it the way we tell it? Or is it because it remains steeped in mystery and our young people want to know and understand it.

The questions at the end of this session were prolific and intelligent. Some we have had before but many were new. In truth, the session could easily have continued beyond our 30 minute allocated slot and the pupils were driving it. For me this is utterly inspiring, enormous rewarding and frankly, a reality check for us all. We need to talk about epilepsy!

P7's are a mature group and my presentation verges on the one I would normally use in senior schools. We do talk about tonic clonic seizures and how to use the recovery position, I don't talk about death in epilepsy but at this stage and age they always ask. We must tell the truth. We must never lie. But death in epilepsy, although it happens, is rare and significant steps can be taken to avoid it - epilepsy pillows (with holes in!) are provided by MMT's great friends at Epilepsy Sucks and MMT distributes potentially lifesaving epilepsy alarms, alerting parents and carers to seizures whilst sleeping.

Allan's Primary is a lovely school, attended by Peter, husband to MMT's very own Anna Smaill a number of decades ago - clearly still doing great things for its pupils as it did for Peter then!

Thank you enormously to Carolann Morrow, Head Teacher, for your wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to address Allan's Primary 7 pupils.

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