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Our first Rotarians!

What a great privilege it was to be invited to present to the Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club, one of the most significant rotary clubs in Scotland - and our founder's first! Lunch at the North Queensferry Hotel was lovely, the hospitality extended to Ann and Christina by rotary club members was exemplary. They truly are the consummate professionals - but they should be, as these professional business people have been hosting rotaries for a long time. Since 1972 in fact.

And it really is all about fundraising and putting something of value back in to the community. These grown up business people are networking, fundraising, walking, dressing up, dressing down, hosting sales and coffee mornings in abundance. The proceeds of their efforts are then distributed amongst worthy causes and our fingers are crossed that MMT might be one of them in the months to come. Like all consummate professionals in business they aim to be the best that they can be, even in their fundraising and that includes their walking. Preceding today's lunch there was a postmortem on their recent sponsored walk which they hope to do even better next time. We are in awe of their dedication and commitment.

As for today, it was a privilege for Ann to present to the clubs members about the work of the Trust. They were as receptive as they were astute. Sensible direct questions followed Ann's short but heartfelt presentation and there was an unashamed honestly in the room all around.  Again, as much as Ann hopes to inspire with her personal story, she left equally inspired. That seems to be the prevailing theme for the Mum On the Run campaign for Epilepsy.

The lesson to learn from today is never presume there is no one in the room who has epilepsy. Epilepsy in children is more prevalent than diabetes. Epilepsy in grown up business people happens too! Thank you to Alan who introduced himself to Ann at the end of the session and had his own unique story to share. A remarkable man who has endured so much - it was his first proper rotary meeting as a new member and the irony of the subject matter was not lost on our team today.

You are an inspiration Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club. Please keep up the good work. We commend you!

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club

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