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North Queensferry Primary School

Every school is unique and North Queensferry Primary School is no different. Again, out of the mouths of babes came the most challenging questions about epilepsy. Our founder, Ann Maxwell addressed the whole school from P1 to P7 which in itself is a challenging task. But the children were receptive and inquisitive and astute with lots to add to the subject of epilepsy based on their own experiences in their very young lives.

In common we share MMT's 10th anniversary celebration with North Queensferry Primary School's 100th anniversary next year. This really is quite a beautiful old school, embedded in traditions that have prevailed through the decades. We did ask ourselves if we thought MMT would ever see its 100th anniversary and then concluded that we would all be long gone so perhaps unlikely - but who really knows! For MMT's Christina the visit was nostalgic as this was her primary school and she shared a school photograph with the rest of her colleagues, just to put it in context.

Thank you to Emily Good for the opportunity to speak to this bright and engaging group of very young pupils. We loved presenting to them and we so enjoyed your hospitality thereafter as well as witnessing the variety of school presentations that followed.

“The pupils enjoyed the presentation and it was great to hear from someone who had such personal experience of epilepsy.  This allowed the children to better understand the issues around epilepsy and relate them to their own experience.  The children were interested in the topic and the questions they asked were handled sensitively but honestly.”
Emily Good

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