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The Tale of Two Road Warriors

As our destinations are increasingly further afield, Anna and I find ourselves, like two road warriors, setting off long before dawn to reach our schools in time for assembly. MMT's Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign involves a bit of road travel by car, as well as those essential miles under the feet for marathon training, usually after my talk about epilepsy to school pupils. Recently, 'the road less travelled' is the M8 to Glasgow and yesterday's school was Craigholme School for girls where we received a very warm welcome from staff and pupils alike.  

We arrived at 8.45 as requested and already we could hear the sound of voices and musical instruments that were beyond the process of warming up. The school librarian Mrs Sue Cheyne guided us through the school, a clever network of Victorian houses, connected sympathetically by modern architecture that provides state of the art facilities.  We were talking to pupils about epilepsy in the Resource Centre, a well-equipped IT facility with a drop down screen for power point presentations. Memory stick working, and we were ready for our 6th form girls.  It was most impressive.

Approximately 25 young ladies arrived to listen to the MMT story and I was kindly introduced by the Principal, Gillian Stobo. Amongst these bright girls were some aspiring medics and one who knows that she wants to be a brain surgeon - the first we have met! In the course of our discussion about epilepsy we always highlight the lack of epilepsy specialists, both doctors and nurses. If nothing else, I believe this is a great seed for ambition to sew amongst the young, especially now that we are on the cusp of such huge progress in epilepsy, one of the oldest conditions known to man.

Questions were thin on the ground (again!). What do we do to our children that they lose the confidence to ask questions as young adults? It is the same in every school. I will be triumphant the day we have a different experience. In the meantime, I will keep trying.

A quick coffee and a chat with the Principal and June Gilliland, Deputy Head teacher and then off for a run (those essential miles remember!) before meeting up with Anna and home again. On our return we were thrilled to learn that two MORE schools have been in touch, one that we have already visited, Glenalmond, whose pupils have chosen MMT as the beneficiary of their annual 'Give Gig'  and a group of pupils from Heriots who have chosen MMT as their charity for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

All good stuff, as we continue to talk about epilepsy!

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