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Schools Back!

It has been a quiet month for the Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign (MORE) whilst many senior school pupils focus on mock exams. However, the MORE diary is quickly filling up again and our return to the business of raising epilepsy awareness in schools took the form of a visit to Fettes Prep School, in Edinburgh this morning.

Our Founder, Ann Maxwell is no stranger to Fettes, having served her time doing years of school runs for two of her boys who attended this school. It is also where one of the Trust's finest fundraisers was held - a wonderful collaboration with Fettes College which saw a Mad Hatter's Tea Party take place on the Queen's Lawn following Founder's day in July 2010. It is also the event that got both the Muir Maxwell Trust and Fettes College in to the Guinness World Record Book for the most money ever spent at a charity auction on a wall calendar - a beautiful wall calendar featuring the original costume designs by Edinburgh College of Art students, for our Mad Hatter's event and worn by Fettes College drama students.

A friendly 'meet and greet' awaited us from Headmaster Mr Edwards who led us in to assembly. We sang the morning hymn along with pupils and staff and then Ann launched in to her presentation. With lots of willing helpers, the spelling of the word 'epilepsy' will now never be forgotten at Fettes Prep School and the need to be aware of epilepsy and support those around us who have epilepsy was the most important message of the day. The young man, who has epilepsy is to be commended on announcing it to the whole school, and pupils deserve huge applause for the intelligent questions that followed assembly, evidencing a desire to know and understand more about this big and complex subject. If we could bank all the 'thank yous' we received from pupils on their way to lessons, MMT's cup would be over flowing.

A Muir Maxwell Trust fundraising day will take place at Fettes Prep School tomorrow in the form of a 'home clothes day' and a cake bake. A huge thank you in advance to all those who will be contributing to this event, especially the cake bakers whom we suspect will be Fettes Prep School mums! We hope your sons and daughters tell you all about MMT when they come home this evening and they remember to thank you too for your invaluable and much appreciated cake baking support.

“In a short space of time, Ann created a strong empathic relationship with the whole audience and I know that everyone left the Assembly feeling informed and  tremendously sympathetic towards the charity."
Adam Edwards, Headmaster

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