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'A Slice of Glenalmond' - a little food for thought!

Emma Woods, the Warden's wife, must forgive me for adopting the name of the College cook book as the title of my news piece. It seems apt, not just because I came away with three copies of this recently published and beautifully presented cook book but also because Anna and I had the privilege of sharing in a unique 'slice of Glenalmond' at the students Give Gig, as well as a wonderful supper with Emma & Gordon Woods and the College Chaplain, Father Giles Dove and his wife, Kate.

The Give Gig is a student initiative, now in its eighth year, and for a week following an evening of entertainment by the students for the students, the entire school fundraises furiously for a chosen charity - on this occasion the Muir Maxwell Trust. Tickets to the event were sold in aid of the Trust, hot dogs and ice cream cones were sold in the interval in aid of the Trust, an appeal was made for students to pass on their weekly Domino's pizza and donate £6.50 to the Trust, sponsored tournaments were scheduled, teachers v pupils - and much more.

It was an honour to be allowed behind closed doors to share in the evening's entertainment and also, to be given a platform from which to raise awareness of the Trust's work with a few words at the beginning of the evening. We laughed, we cried, we gasped, we clapped, we were most amused by a varied evening of entertainment, from homemade (spoof) movies to a dating game and a solo guitar performance.

It was a little 'slice of Glenalmond' that gave us much food for thought and lots of reasons to be grateful, on behalf of the Trust's beneficiaries, for this unique fundraising support.


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