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MORE fun Moredun Men

Predictive texting nearly got me in to trouble this time - Moredun men translated in to more fun men but we decided it should stick! So the more fun Moredun men at Fettes College are supporting MMT's Mum On the Run Campaign (MORE) campaign on their charity race day on March. Each boarding house has chosen their own charity and we are thrilled that Moredun House has chosen MMT.

And so the Moredun house men very kindly invited me in to the boarding house after prep was finished on Tuesday evening to tell them all about the work of the charity they have chosen to fundraise for. A quick cuppa with house master Charlie du Vivier preceded my talk and then the men listened attentively to my story. Muir's younger brother was in the room too so I chose my words carefully, hoping not to embarrass him in any way, other than the photograph of all three of the Maxwell boys as smaller boys, So sorry Rory!

Again, the world becomes a small place when others share stories of their own relatives equally as damaged by epilepsy as Muir is. Whilst the percentage of profoundly damaged young people by epilepsy remains small, there are enough of them in our society to justify a need to be more aware of them. Epilepsy can be so devastating at times that life as we know it is not possible for some of these young people. It always impresses me when there is evidence of awareness of the extreme end of this condition and there is no denial in terms of the reality of life and the extent to which it has been altered. Had Muir not had Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, he would have been a Moredun man in lower sixth but sadly, that was not meant to be. We do not live in a 'chocolate box' world and that is why the Muir Maxwell Trust exists and we endeavour to raise awareness as well as funds to provide practical support to families and change outcomes.

The Moredun men are fine young men and we are proud of them for choosing MMT as their charity on this occasion. 

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