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Middleton Park Primary & Hazlehead Primary

It's seems fitting to write about these Aberdeen primary schools together as the head teachers, Jenny Watson and Barbara Jones  are good friends and that is how we came to visit Hazlehead Primary School. Our introduction to Middleton Park came through the daughter of one of our trustees who is a student teacher there at the moment. We are most grateful to Claire Williamson for this fabulous introduction to two super primary schools in Aberdeen. 

It is a great privilege and a pleasure to speak to an entire school about the challenges of epilepsy for children and families, in this case Middleton Park.  It is also a test for me to reach out simultaneously to P1 and to P7 on this subject and hold the interest of both age groups - but I think we were successful. It is testimony to the children and their teachers when they sit so attentively for half an hour listening to my story. The proof that they have all been paying attention is in the questions and they were prolific. Thank you Middleton Park for a great welcome and a great visit to your lovely school.

Hazlehead Primary did not disappoint either. I spoke to P4-P7 pupils and again the interest in the subject and the children's curiosity for more information was apparent. This age group really is a pleasure to speak to. It is without doubt my favourite. I leave knowing that they will remember my visit for lots of good reasons and my aim to raise awareness of epilepsy, in particular severe and complex epilepsy with early onset in infancy, has been achieved.  The Q & A session at the conclusion of my talk always includes questions about our son Muir, profoundly brain damaged by Dravet Syndrome - one child asked if he would ever drive a car, another asked if one day we might 'fix him'. I was even asked if we had to employ extra help at home to care for Muir and we do. Sharing the story of Muir as a way of raising the profile of severe and complex epilepsy and highlighting the consequences for children and their families is definitely the right thing to do. These children will grow up much more informed about epilepsy in all its guises which is something we have so far failed to achieve in any significant way. 

Thank you Middleton Park and Hazlehead Primary Schools for listening and helping us to spread the word. And good luck Hazlehead raffling MMT Max, our mascot teddy bear!

'Our visit from Muir Maxwell Trust was inspiring. Anne shared a very personal story which engaged all our pupils and helped them understand the complexities of Epilepsy. Their knowledge has increased their understanding of the importance of inclusion and acceptance of all. Thank you very much for an extremely worthwhile assembly.'
Jenny Watson, Head Teacher, Middleton Park School 

Middleton Park Primary SchoolMiddleton Park Primary School

Middleton Park Primary School





Hazlehead Primary SchoolHazlehead Primary SchoolHazlehead Primary School




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