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Leith Rotarians

I love the concept of Rotarians. It reminds me that we may have lost the real art of face to face communication and networking which of course is all done by social media these days. It is almost a contradiction when I see these that rotary clubs too have their own Facebook pages. 

The Leith Rotary Club meets in the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith every Thursday evening. The club has been in existence since 1954 and it was the first in Scotland to admit lady members. Today the balance of men to women in the Leith Rotary is about equal, although the ladies appear to hold the presidency more often than the men, certainly in recent years. Noticeably, young members are missing. It is a recurring theme in rotaries as they fail to attract new younger members who nowadays rely much more on social media for networking. 

I love the atmosphere of rotary clubs and their traditions. There is huge camaraderie amongst members who all strike me as terribly laid back - comfortable and confident in themselves, with nothing they need to prove but they have kindness and generosity of heart. Rotarians fund-raise all the time and they give most generously to charities. We must never take rotaries for granted and I feel compelled to support them. Now that I understand that geography has no direct bearing on which rotary club one chooses to join and I realise that lady members are welcome and their main preoccupation is about fundraising and supporting good causes, a rotary club in the Lothian region could well be a future calling for me. 

Thank you Leith Rotarians for your warm and generous hospitality. I enjoyed great traditional Scottish fare in the Queen Charlotte Rooms and even left with a beautiful bottle of red wine presented to me by the past President which she won in the raffle. Thank you also for listening to my Muir Maxwell Trust story and thank you for sharing your own stories about epilepsy with me.

Leith Rotary club

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