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Calling All Families

Pro Guardian Early Use EPILEPSY ALARM Programme.

Calling all our UK families with a child who has night time seizures. 

MMT is trialling the new Pro Guardian Epilepsy Alarm on behalf of Cyberonics, the makers of VNS. We are looking for 20 plus capable and committed families who would be willing to work with Cyberonics over a 90 day period to determine their views on Cyberonics' newly designed and soon to be released epilepsy alarm. 

The alarm is the first of it's kind because, in addition to detecting movement in the event of a seizure, it also works with algorithms of the heart.

If this is of interest please get in touch with Ann-Marie as soon as possible at info@muirmaxwelltrust.com

The trial will commence in September and we are aiming to have all our families signed up by June.

NB. To be eligible children must be over 5 years of age and an android phone must be available to enable the ProGuardian app.


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