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Boom! We Launch Beat Epilepsy on Social Media

Thursday 30th April and the launch of our latest fundraising campaign is getting closer!

We are thrilled that Christopher Biggins will be our host in the stunning surroundings of the Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh. 

We'll continue to give you an inclination of what we're planning as the weeks go by.

We think you'll love it - it's a fun, inclusive, low cost way of taking part and helping to increase awareness of epilepsy and help us raise funds for the Trust. 

We are delighted that broadcaster and media expert Heather Suttie has recently joined us.

After a 2 year stint working for the Sunday Mail newspaper's charity, Heather brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, creativity and social media savvy. She will work with us on a part-time basis and you can follow our progress as our campaign grows across a number of platforms. 

We're developing a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, You Tube and Linkedin with accounts created specifically for our latest fundraising campaign.

We'll be using #beatepilepsy throughout Twitter and Instagram and you can follow us right now @beatepilepsy on Twitter with more news on our other platforms being delivered on the run up to the 30th of this month. 

Our Ambassadors are currently in the process of inviting our guests and if you'd like to find out more on how you can join us for this prestigious event contact us 

We are looking to work with committed, enthusiastic volunteers and fundraisers to deliver a brilliant, fun and year long fundraising campaign. 


You Tube

Twitter @beatepilepsy

Facebook Coming soon

Instagram Coming soon

Linkedin Coming soon

Heather is on Twitter @blondi_SOS and will be tweeting from @beatepilepsy.


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