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MMT Beneficiary Achieves International Skating Acclaim

We love being able to share positive news with you, so please see what you make of this. It's a note shared with us by Michelle, mum of Murronrose whom we supported when she was a little girl...

Murron Rose Dunn"Murronrose, 15yrs old is one of the kids you helped by providing an alarm almost 10yrs ago when she started taking frequent Tonic Clonic seizures ,she also has ASD. We still have photos that were taken for the Muir Maxwell Trusts website.

Like a lot of ASD children Murronrose didn't have much of a social life so we were looking for clubs or such that she could join, when we happened upon Inclusive Skating.

Inclusive Skating is ice skating for children and adults with intellectual and physical impairments who hold competitions all over the world.

Murronrose took to skating quickly and showed a talent for it and in April last year won a silver and a gold medal at a competition. In November we travelled to Iceland to represent the country and she won another silver and gold trophy.

Tonight she will be a guest skater to a large audience at Braehead Arena and in April this year will compete at the Inclusive Skating world championships. Murronrose has achieved all this in just 15 months.

As you can tell we are extremely proud of Murronrose but you had your part to play to, you kept her safe during the night and with your help all those years ago she has gone on to do great things."

Go MurronMurron Rose DunnMurron Dunn

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