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Soldera Charity Dinner & Auction: Our Thanks

The Muir Maxwell Trust was delighted to be nominated as one of the beneficiaries from the Soldera Charity Dinner and Auction held on 28 November 2018 at Harry’s Bar.  A donation of £51,375 has been received  from the proceeds of the charity auction of large format bottles of  wines of Gianfranco Soldera from the rare 2010 vintage – said wines from the estate of Gianfranco Soldera (Montalcino, Italy).  This amount was a share of the proceeds collected and distributed by the UK agent and importer of Gianfranco Soldera, Raeburn Fine Wines Limited. 

Ann Maxwell said: “We are deeply grateful to Zubair Mohamed of Raeburn Fine Wines, Edinburgh for nominating the Muir Maxwell Trust as one of the beneficiaries of the evening and to the Soldera family for their great generosity and support of children’s charities (as well as Luciano and Harry’s Bar for hosting this unique event and the successful bidders).  This year we are raising funds for the third year of our UCL Muir Maxwell Trust research fellow, advancing her vital and pioneering work as part of the Genome Research Project  in the early diagnosis of rare genetic epilepsies in childhood  enabling treatments and changing the long-term prognosis for many children.  We are also continuing our epilepsy alarm programme, alerting parents and carers to their child’s potentially life-threatening seizures whilst sleeping.  ” 

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