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Never Make Promises You Can't Keep!

Well that's me - guilty as charged!  So much for a more regular blog.  There simply hasn't been time. I cannot believe how busy we are.  Further to Breakfast with Biggins it seems that the desire to support MMT has increased beyond all expectations.  I seem to be eternally  attending meetings to follow up on great ideas, new initiatives and meet potential new supporters.  For us this is just fantastic and long may it continue!

Since my last blog we have been to Cheshire with Biggins and attended a fashion show event with Eden Collection at Bentley in support of the Trust.  It was a lovely evening, also attended by the stars of Loose Women. And a great fundraiser too.  I understand from Eden Collection that we will be fundraising again with Bentley in November on our home turf in Edinburgh.  Watch this space!

I have also been back to Fettes College and the Prep School to present our fantastic prizes to the winning fundraisers. The amount raised by Fettes continues to be a moving target with more money coming in all the time.  Astonishing!  Funds raised are slowly creeping up towards the £30,000 mark, including gift aid.  We are absolutely thrilled.

We are meeting our Mum and  fundraiser Catherine Bell and "Jack's Belles" at the end of July, further to their May Ball, when they plan to present MMT with a cheque (for an as yet undisclosed amount). It is moments like this that I cherish more than anything because we share the same plight and the same passion.  This is fundraising at its most best. I can't wait! 

Plans for the Pussycat Tea are well underway and if you are keeping an eye on our news items you will be aware that Kate Moss has committed her autumn season collection at Top Shop to our catwalk in September, along side our Edinburgh based designer fashion boutique Jane Davidson and shoes and bags by Pam Jenkins.  This event currently consumes my every waking moment but that is what it takes to deliver the kind of events I know that our supporters enjoy. Fingers crossed that she will come to the event too, as she promised to Biggins!

Details of our Madame Tussaud's event will be revealed shortly and we have lots more up our sleeve.  Glasgow next year for example and let me say "Oasis" and no more than that for now!  Real Radio have committed to support us.  Project managers Collas are once again supporting us with a safety campaign in connection with another Scottish project - and more will be revealed on that later.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Muir Maxwell Trust has been chosen as the partner charity for the Hilton in the Community Foundation Ball on 24th October this year at the London Hilton Hotel in Park Lane. It is a privilege for a small charity to have the opportunity to extend awareness of the work that we do through a world class organisation.  All at MMT are excited about this event which will share 50% of the funds raised on the night with our cause.  A huge thank you to all at the Hilton Foundation who were involved in this decision.

It's the summer holidays now as you know but nothing calms down for the summer at MMT like it use to.  We are as busy as ever.  My children are at home now for the holidays.  Muir is happy to be out of school, I am sure.  He has had a few break through seizures recently which I am attributing to his teenage years and rapid growth spurts.  He is good for the most part but it will be a challenge to keep him entertained all summer and avoid those difficult behaviours.  Those parents of children with difficult epilepsy will know exactly what I mean.

Well that's all for now folks.  A quick update just to keep you all in the loop and watch this space for more!

Best wishes to all,

Ann Maxwell
Mother of Muir

Enjoy the summer

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