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Onward and Upward!

On the 24th of August the Muir Maxwell Trust team will be joined by Maureen McKellar who comes as the Trust's Head of Fundraising and Development.  I am thrilled to have Maureen's support at MMT and hope that her presence will enable me to take a bit of a back seat!  Maureen has a wealth of hands on fundraising experience and was part of an award winning fundraising team at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh raising £15 million for the new gate and shop entrance.  She will be taking over as chief fundraiser and adding to the many planned events we have already diaried for MMT next year.

Of course, I will continue as the face of MMT along side my son Muir.  I plan to attend all our events, maintain my contact with beneficiaries through our forum and the website and also, to support our many volunteer fundraisers in whatever way they require.  Additionally, I will continue to organise our annual fundraising ball, the next one being our Cinderella Ball planned for December 2010 at The Dorchester Hotel in London.

Principally, the reason for the addition of Maureen to our team is to allow me the opportunity to spend a bit more time with my family.  Since the launch of the Trust it has grown arms and legs and the demand on my time has become difficult.  My children have been neglected and I must now put that right.  Muir is a teenager now and developmentally he has progressed significantly but he remains profoundly damaged by his epilepsy and his needs are huge.  We all want to spend time with him and help him progress in whatever way we can.  Equally, Rory has been a stalwart as the youngest Maxwell in the family.  He has been a "big" brother to Muir for many years and he has missed out on much of the attention usually lavished upon the youngest child. 

So it is all about making time for the Maxwell boys now, including my husband Jonny.  In between times I hope to begin writing my book about life with Muir - "To Touch an Angel's Wings." They say everyone has a book in them.  The story of Muir is most definitely mine!  It might be a while though!

Ann Maxwell
(Muir's Mum)

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