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Fundraising in the Community

I see so many of our beneficiaries supporting us now with a variety of wonderful fundraising initiatives and it's great!  Every penny you raise in support of children with epilepsy we can then use to support you. Jack's Belles are a wonderful example of what can be achieved. Although their total fundraise was huge it comprised everything from coffee mornings to dress down days for the kids at school as well as a glamorous ball.

I have noticed that the support for MMT through Justgiving is increasingly active too - numerous family and friends of our beneficiaries are cycling, running, swimming and even climbing mountains. Sponsorship from just a few hundred pounds to literally tens of thousands has been achieved.  I am so grateful for this kind of support which has also been given by some of the schools who have our beneficiaries in their care.  School fundraisers can be very effective both in terms of fundraising and also spreading awareness. Your support of our cause and your on going fundraising initiatives are invaluable. They inspire us all. Please keep them coming!

I have a vision that one day the Muir Maxwell Trust will be amongst the best known charities in the UK and fundraising across the country for our cause will be a daily occurrance. We have big ambitions, with an ultimate desire to be able to avoid the damage of severe genetic epilepsies for our children of the future.  Equally, we must help those who are already damaged and for whom life is such a huge struggle.  All this can be achieved but only with successful fundraising.  The Trust has historically done well with an annual glamorous fundraising ball.  We are not hosting our ball this year because of the economic climate.  Instead we have a number of smaller initiatives. But fundraising is challenging for all charities right now. 

If you would like to support us Karen, Annie, Ann-Marie, Maureen and myself are ready and waiting to support you in whatever fundraising initiative you choose. Just call us on 0131 273 5256 or email us on

Whilst blogging I would like to say a special thank you to the many of you who have supported us already; Alex and Jason Phyper, Helen Davies, Euan Stirling, Jack's Belles, Alan Fergusson, Maidwell Hall, Peter Smaill, Fettes College, Jane Laidlaw, David Peck and many, many more. I can name but a few!  But my most grateful thanks to everyone who has supported us to date.

With my best wishes,

Ann Maxwell

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