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Staff Changes

An amendment to our website page regarding vacancies is overdue.  With the recent departure of Annie and Karen we have at least one vacancy.  Annie is making a move south with her new husband to his home town and Karen is now working as a fundraiser for a different charity.

I am thrilled to welcome back Anna Smaill who was the original administrator for the Trust when it was run from my home.  Anna worked part -time for us for four years and then tried to extract herself and have more of a life. It didn't work! She is back and now works part-time from our Musselburgh office as our Financial Administrator.  She joins Ann-Marie Nelson in the office who is our Family Liaison Manager.

Additionally I am thrilled to have celebrity DJ and TV presenter Heather Suttie working along side me as an Ambassador for MMT. Heather has an outstanding track record in charitable work, not only supporting many of Scotland's leading charities but also with her own charity "Say No to Plastic." I met Heather in 2003 at the Great Scot Awards in Glasgow.  We have remained in touch ever since and I am enormously flattered that of all the charities she would like to work with, she has chosen ours.

So the team requires at least one more and in the meantime, we are as ever run off our feet. Its all about raising money at MMT. Money makes the world go round and enables MMT to achieve its goals for our beneficiaries. Traditional style fundraising is a nice bonus and please keep it coming - walk, run, cycle, sing, dance, shave, eat and anything else you can think of for charity.  This all adds to awareness too. But we need the big bucks as well and our events (of which there are two this year) are aimed at exactly that.

If you think you might have what it takes to join our team then email me at It is not essential that our candidates have a back ground in charity work - a calling, like my own and Heather's often achieves far more. You will need bags of confidence and an amazing network and a very creative imagination. Most of all you will require outstanding interpersonal skills.  IT skills won't go amiss either.  I can promise that the right candidate will have great fun and enjoy enormous job satisfaction.

There are so many people I should thank at this juncture; not least June Beedham who continues to advise the charity on all charity matters and keeps us on the straight and narrow, our trustees who are frequently called upon at short notice to address matters above and beyond the normal call of duty of a trustee.  MMT moves at such a pace it is often difficult to keep up but every one of out trustees has been amazing from the very beginning and each and everyone has added so much value.

And thanks too to Susan Mathieson who makes our events happen and Lizzie Bell who is responsible for exquisite room designs, each one unique and in keeping with our themes. Redpath too are beginning to make their mark on MMT's design work.  The designs for Alice In Wonderland are out of this world and Lewis Carroll can only be pleased. A special thanks to Christina Mackenzie who, dare I say it, works for another charity but always does our numbers on the night of an event.  You are a treasure!

My thanks go on to include Jack's Belles who have volunteered their services as helpers at our next event - Alice in Wonderland in Glasgow.  You are worth your weight in gold girls!

That does seem to be a good point to sign off on this occasion.  I have more to say about a recent meeting of the Cross Party Working Group on Epilepsy in the Scottish Parliament and also, with regard to pulse oximeters which I recently tried out for Muir. Check back soon. I will up load a new blog week beginning 8th February.

Best wishes to all,

Muir's Mum. 

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