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An update!

It's quite a while since my last blog which I have just read again. I am sure you often have the same experience - where you read something you wrote some time ago and you cannot believe you actually wrote it.  I wrote my last blog and I stand by it with pride. It's the truth.

We have been silent (a bit) but no less busy. I am pleased to announce the arrival of Kevin, our new fundraiser who is doing fantastic things by way of applications to trusts and foundations for our various projects in progress. Kevin has a phenomenal track record in this area of fundraising and we are privileged to have him on board as a member of our small MMT team.

We will remain small because that is the sensible thing to do in current times but we are all working hard. I am thrilled that the Muir Maxwell Trust will be a beneficiary of the Marathon of Marathons enormous fundraising initiative in Athens but I will be honest with you and confess that I am definitely not so thrilled to be training once again for yet another marathon - having vowed after the last, I would never do another. That said, "touch wood" the training is going okay. All will be well as long as my hip, my knee and my achilles tendon hold up!!!!!!!!

Lots of conferences lie ahead, all to be formally announced in our news shortly.

MMT will be represented at Idea Leagues conference in November - a conference that focuses on the needs of children and families living with the devastating consequences of Dravet Syndrome. As many of you may be aware, for some time now MMT has been funding a world class DNA diagnostic service for children with Dravet Syndrome based at Yorkhill Children's Hospital in Glasgow.   This service has been a phenomenal success and a number of medical papers will soon be published as a consequence. There is a grand plan to take the service to a new level but that is in progress at the moment and definitely for another blog, another day!

Another conference is called "No Mind Left Behind" which is organised by an amazing lady called Sophie Dow who established Mind Room, a charity for children with learning difficulties. This conference will take place next year at the conference centre in Glasgow and will attract thousands of delegates from all over the world. MMT will be represented at that too.

Watch our news for details if you would like to attend either of the above conferences and we hope to announce another one soon.

Also, in progress is our Mad Hatters Tea Party planned for the day after Founders Day at Fettes College on Sunday 3rd July 2011.

You see, we might have been silent for a while at MMT but we are always busy , there is always something happening of note and the funds are definitely flowing in!

My thanks to all for reading and for your support. Oh, and yes, please do sponsor me to run the Athens Marathon at the funds raised are being shared across a number of children's charities and MMT stands to benefit to the tune of €250,000!

Best wishes always,

Ann Maxwell

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