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Time Flies By!

I can't believe it's 4 months this since my last blog.

I admit it looks as though not much has been happening but it is in fact the contrary. Our team has been as busy as ever - if not more so, answering up to 80 calls a month from needy families. This is actually a worrying statistic and it has prompted us to think long and hard about how to meet the needs of our families. (More on that in another blog.)

Calls to our office are principally requests for epilepsy alarms and sadly, we are once again operating a wait list, with that wait list currently capped at 100 needy families. The reality is that we are now turning families away, asking them to call back in a few months. We are expecting a large donation mid March from the Marathon of Marathons Trust, which will support the demand for epilepsy alarms for a while but it will not plug the gap indefinitely.

Our Trust and Foundations Manager is pursuing donations in support of epilepsy alarms at a rate of knots. We simply can't keep up as the word spreads and demand grows.

A survey is in progress to establish the effectiveness of the alarm and we are thrilled with the response we have had from our families who have benefited from the support of MMT and an epilepsy alarm. This survey has been constructed in partnership with a hospital in Bolton and we intend to present the findings to Government in due course - maybe one day we will secure a contribution towards funding of this essential epilepsy alarm which makes life so much more bearable for families.

In the meantime, your support in whatever fashion you can think of, would be invaluable. A small donation by way of a standing order every monthly could make a huge difference to another family. Please contact Ann- Marie Nelson should you wish to support us in this way. Otherwise, a sponsored walk, talk, diet, dress down day at school - anything, no matter how small will help us to help another family. Be in no doubt, we need your help!

For my part, I am focused on fundraising this year by way of two major fundraising events - our Mad Hatter's Tea Party planned for Sunday 3rd July on the Queen's Lawn at Fettes College, Edinburgh which is already a sell out event and the soon to be marketed Cinderella Ball in the Savoy Hotel on Saturday 10th December. I had a sneaky peak at the Savoy this week and it looks fabulous!

Additionally we are thrilled to be partnering Kleinwort Benson with a series of client lunches across Scotland featuring celebrity speakers including Kirsty Wark, Fred Macaulay and Angela Rippon - all of whom are great supporters of the Trust. Thank You!

I know that 99% of the families MMT supports are enormously grateful for the small things we do to make a difference - your thank you cards, letters and emails more than evidence your gratitude. Occasionally however, the work of the Trust is misunderstood and the support that we offer is perceived to be an entitlement. When the Trust struggles to meet demand and we have to turn families away temporarily we understand your disappointment. Please believe me when I say we are doing all that we can to raise funds and meet the desperate needs of our families but we are a very small team and we are not funded by the Government. Every penny we spend to support our families we raise ourselves. You are our highest priority and we will leave no stone unturned in order to meet your needs. This is my personal promise to each and every one of you because I know how challenging life can be with a child who is profoundly affected by epilepsy.

Remember, any way in which you can help us help another family will be life changing for that family as it was for you!

Yours, on a promise,

Ann Maxwell
Founder and Mother of Muir

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