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  • MORE fun Moredun Men

    6 Feb 2014

    Predictive texting nearly got me in to trouble this time - Moredun men translated in to more fun men but we decided it should stick! So the more fun Moredun men at Fettes College are supporting MMT's Mum On the Run Campaign (MORE) campaign on their charit

  • Charity Begins at Home

    5 Feb 2014

    This 'mum on the run for epilepsy' did not have far to run on this occasion. In fact, so short was the distance that I dressed up for the occasion rather than wear my running shoes.

  • 'A Slice of Glenalmond' - a little food for thought!

    3 Feb 2014

    Emma Woods, the Warden's wife, must forgive me for adopting the name of the College cook book as the title of my news piece.

  • And so to the Girls!

    28 Jan 2014

    We had a lovely visit to Mary Erskine's school for girls today, made especially welcome by PE teacher, Graeme Blackhall. Speaking to a second form class about epilepsy,

  • Schools Back!

    23 Jan 2014

    It has been a quiet month for the Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign (MORE) whilst many senior school pupils focus on mock exams

  • Back to Kirkcaldy, Fife

    16 Dec 2013

    This time it was St Andrews High School in Kirkaldy and we had the pleasure of addressing 180 fourth form pupils who were the most engaged that we have experienced so far.

  • The Tale of Two Road Warriors

    2 Dec 2013

    As our destinations are increasingly further afield, Anna and I find ourselves, like two road warriors, setting off long before dawn to reach our schools in time for assembly. MMT's Mum On the Run for Epilepsy campaign involves a bit of road travel by car

  • The High School of Glasgow

    21 Nov 2013

    As a Sweaty Betty sponsored Mum On the Run for Epilepsy, with an eye for fashion, even in sportswear, I have to declare a big thumbs up for the High School of Glasgow's team colours - a vibrant blue and contrasting mustard yellow. It really caught my fash

  • And so to Glasgow and Kelvindale Primary School

    20 Nov 2013

    Kelvindale Primary School is a hidden gem, a tardis from the outside that educates a total of 400 primary school children and so big behind its front door that Anna and I got lost!

  • Calling All Runners (and aspiring runners too!)

    5 Nov 2013

    MMT is looking for runners to join our Mum On The Run Campaign (MORE) as we weave our way south next March from Edinburgh to London for the Virgin London Marathon.

  • A Voyage of Discovery at Valley Primary School

    4 Nov 2013

    Addressing an audience of primary school children including children with special needs and epilepsy

  • Great Scot Charity Award 2013

    4 Nov 2013

    Ann Maxwell, the Trust's Co-Founder was awarded the Sunday Mail's great Scot Award 2013 for her charity work at a star studded ceremony in the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday 26th October.

  • A week at Inverkeithing High School

    28 Oct 2013

    Inverkeithing High School reminds me of my own school, Firrhill High School. It's a large school and takes quite a bit of navigating.

  • North Queensferry Primary School

    25 Oct 2013

    Every school is unique and North Queensferry Primary School is no different. Again, out of the mouths of babes came the most challenging questions about epilepsy.

  • Our first Rotarians!

    24 Oct 2013

    What a great privilege it was to be invited to present to the Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club, one of the most significant rotary clubs in Scotland - and our founder's first! Lunch at the North Queensferry Hotel was lovely, the hospitality exten

  • Onesies and Chocolate Crispies!

    14 Oct 2013

    It was an unusual experience meeting the staff and pupils at Allan's Primary School on a dress-down-day all wearing their onesies, whilst baking chocolate crispies and decorating them with marshmallows and smarties. It almost seemed a shame to drag them a

  • Care About Care

    11 Oct 2013

    An open letter to Scottish Cabinet Minister for Health, Alex Neil about our children's long term care needs....

  • MMT Shouting Out Loud for Learning Disabled Children

    10 Oct 2013

    In the Scotsman today - Failing to use the tools we have to help children