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Andrew Landells

I am a 25 year old fire fighter in Doncaster and I will be taking part in the Tough Guy Challenge known as the safest most dangerous event in the world.  I completed the challenge in 2005 in support of a cancer charity which was personal to me. This time I decided to ask the lads at work if any of them had any children with a specific condition and a colleague told me about his niece that suffers with epilepsy. He told me about the stress and strains that epilepsy puts on the whole family, so I decided that the Muir Maxwell Trust was to be my chosen charity for all the help they give to children with epilepsy and their families. I will continue to do the Tough Guy challenge for the Muir Maxwell Trust
Andrew Landells

Many thanks Andrew, we have had a look at the website, and postings on YouTube.   It looks like it must have been an amazing experience, especially with snow on the ground – you are brave to have gone back for a second time Andrew!

We are so grateful for your pledge to continue to take part in the Tough Guy challenge to raise money for us in the future – thank you for your donation of £263.