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Faculty Ladies Marathon

Despite the aches and pains of last year we are running the Edinburgh Relay Race again! The team this year are Una Doherty, Anna Poole, Isla Davie and a special guest appearance from Lorna Drummond who is flying in from Ascension Island for the race.

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page. Our chosen charity is the Muir Maxwell Trust which is an Edinburgh based charity aimed specifically at children with epilepsy. The cause is particularly close to our hearts as it is sponsored by one of our colleagues, Jane Patrick, whose son Ben suffers from epilepsy. This is what she has said about the charity: "They have done some brilliant things - practically and for treatment. They provide seizure alarms to families so parents can sleep at night knowing that they will be alerted if their child is having a seizure (a lot of seizures are during the night), they fund a dietician at the Sick Kids so that children in Edinburgh can be treated with the Ketogenic Diet (a high fat diet which has been proven to reduce or stop seizures and is making a bit of a comeback as a treatment). We tried it with Ben and although it didn't help him, we were very grateful to have had the opportunity to try it. They have also bought a DNA sequencer for Yorkhill hospital enabling diagnosis of genetic epilepsy. Ben's epilepsy is probably genetic which has meant he has been able to have some tests in Glasgow to try to work out the cause." Please dig deep and sponsor us online.

Many thanks for your support.

Thank you to all the ladies from MMT for taking time to run a marathon and support our cause by raising £2,182 - phenomenal!