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Oxford to Carmarthen Cycle

Oxford to Carmarthen Cycle Team

Tim Bowley and his team are planning a grueling 180 mile cycle from Oxford to Carmarthen over three days, leaving on the 17th September.

Tim told us a little more about the challenge and the reasons why they have chosen to support MMT.

"The reason for this is to raise money for the Muir Maxwell Trust, a charity that supports children with epilepsy. Our cousin, who lives in Carmarthen has a daughter who suffers with Dravets Syndrome. A serious epilepsy condition, but also very rare as she is the only child in Wales to suffer from this. The Muir Maxwell trust supplied them with an epilepsy mattress alarm which enables them to sleep more soundly at night knowing that they will be woken if she has a fit.

Our Cousin Helen held a big fundraiser last year but we couldn't be there. So we thought that we would like to do something to support them. So over three days we will cycle along the A40, through the Brecons (lots of Hills) so think that we will have definitely earned the sponsorship money. We want to raise as much as possible, so every penny will help."

If you would like to support Tim, Ros, Alex, Gianni, Julio and Robbie then please visit their JustGiving page online at:


Tim's wife Caterina wrote a blog of the challenge on the team's justgiving site.  By the sounds of it they had an amazing time, despite the sore bits!

17/09/09  1.30pm

Well they all departed at 7.45 this morning, only a fifteen minute delay. There was a small crowd to wave them off. Their first five minute stop was at Witney with Tims mum and dad meeting them on the A40, quick photo shoot and then they were off again. They called at about 12.00 to say they were in Cheltenham (about 46 miles) stuffing their faces with sandwiches. 

So they shouldn't arrive at there first stop in Monmouth too late today. I'm sure they'll have a well deserved break (maybe a beer or 2, they're not as finely tuned athletes as they make out). They'll then set off tomorrow for a shorter ride, about 38 miles as they'll be more hills on this stretch. They will then arrive in Brecon for the last stopover.


They arrived in Monmouth at around 6pm and awaiting them was Tom to give them all a well deserved leg massage. They spent a total of 6hrs and 27 mins in the saddle and completed 81 miles. Pretty good going eh?

They had a bit of a delay with a couple of punctures but I expect they were glad of the break. 

I will keep you all updated as I hear from them tomorrow.

Friday 18/09/09 1.15pm

Just had a call from the gang, they had a hilly start this morning but are now looking out over the Brecons to beautiful views and haven't found it too difficult. They should be in Brecon by about 3pm.


They did arrive at 3pm and have spent  a bit of time relaxing and playing pool. I think an early night was planned for all. They will be leaving in the morning at 8.30.

Saturday 19/09/09 4.30pm


The gang were greeted in Nott Square at around 2.30pm by quite a crowd. 2 miles down the road a few of the kids had joined them and they rode in to town all together. They left Brecon this morning and completed the last 50 miles in a slow 3hrs and 52 mins. They had to keep stopping or they would have arrived before the crowd had gathered at the square.

In total only 3 punctures, no serious injuries, just a few sore bums and  Barresi knees!!

Thanks again all of you for your donations and support.