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Phillip Howard

In May 2010 we received an email from Philip Howard with news of a fantastic and challenging venture he was going to be under taking in support of the Muir Maxwell Trust.   

"May I tell you a little about myself, back in January of this year I was weighing in at 23st 12lbs, back home in the UK (currently in Australia) I was due to be made redundant in the march and with being so large I knew my options of finding a new job were limited. Then my best friend's little boy who I had known since birth, told me he wanted to be like me when he grows up.....FAT. Realising I needed to be a better role model for this little boy, who I love so much and knowing I needed to improve my health and chances in the job market I had to drastically do something.

Just after Christmas I couldn't climb the steps to my home in England without being out of breath and now I am about to do a 14km run and in doing so I will be raising money for your charity as a thank you - the Muir Maxwell Trust provided the funding for the alarm on Bobby's bed (5yrs) who suffers from epilepsy. As well as the fundraising, I hope in doing this challenge I will be a better role model for Bobby. 

I have so far lost 5.5 stones in weight and as the challenge continues with my next run in Perth, Australia, I hope to lose another 5 stones as I ‘run’ round the world!”

Well done with your amazing challenge Philip and thank you so much for your support!