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The Phypers' Dinner Party

Evie114-month-old Evie was recently diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, which has come as a terrible shock to the Phypers. Dravet Syndrome can have devastating consequences, but with an early diagnosis and effective treatment the prognosis looks much better.  Evie is about to begin the treatment that will hopefully control her seizures and ensure that she will enjoy, as near as possible, a normal life.

In celebration, the Phypers', Alex and Jason, decided to host a Dinner Party on Saturday 17th May to raise funds for the Muir Maxwell Trust. A three course meal was served to 22 friends in the Phypers’ home in return for a generous donation to MMT, considered to be the equivalent of what would have been spent had their guests dined in a restaurant.

In addition, Alex and her friend Donna wrote to local businesses and persuaded them to donate prizes for a grand raffle.

“We have been bowled over by the response. We have been donated: a night’s stay, dinner and breakfast in a beautiful hotel; several meals for two in local restaurants; a mobile phone; bottles of plonk; a day at Saracens rugby ground, including a meal, watching the game in the Directors’ box and drinks with the players; a cream tea; family ticket to a local wildlife park and loads more,” reports Alex. “We are also being donated all the meat for the night from our local butcher, all the crockery from a restaurant, the chairs and tables from my old school which I used to work in and free glasses hire from Tesco. So that’s great. We have had so much support for the night. Friends have even said it should be a black tie do!”

And in conclusion, a staggering £4500 was raised.

The Phypers' would like to express their heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported them with this unique initiative. The immense generosity shown by their friends and their local business community has touched them deeply.

Heartfelt thanks also to their supporters from the Muir Maxwell Trust for supporting Evie and other children with complex epilepsy.