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Helping Other Epilepsy Organisations

The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE)

"The Muir Maxwell Trust has been a very strong and effective supporter of our work.  

They have developed in numerous ways and specifically they have:

  • Donated £182,500 for the new Medical Assessment and Research Centre.
  • Provided £85,000 for telemetry units and £40,000 to replace EEG equipment.
  • Funded research into the ketogenic diet.

These are major contributions by the largest childhood epilepsy group in Europe, (i.e, The NCYPE with Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCL, Institute of Child Health).

They have raised the profile of childhood epilepsy to a wide and influential audience and are an exciting group to work with."
Brian Neville
Professor of Childhood Epilepsy

Matthews Friend

"The Muir Maxwell Trust helped us by funding our new information booklets, our telephone helpline for parents that need support with their child being on the Ketogenic diet and our latest development, which is filming 'How to cook ketogenic meals'.  These pieces of film will be freely available to all through our website and will remove some of the mystery and hopefully reduce the fear that some parents might have when considering the Ketogenic diet. The funds that MMT have provided to us means that our funds can be re-directed to more education and training meetings for our parents and professionals, as well as increasing keto clinics across the UK. We fully support all the work that the MMT undertakes on behalf of childhood epilepsy and are grateful for their support of our work."                                                                       
Emma Williams
Founder/Chief Executive, Matthews Friends

Epilepsy Scotland

"Thanks to the valuable support given by the Muir Maxwell Trust, Epilepsy Scotland will help many more parents and children to deal with challenging epilepsy. We are passionate that people have the tools to make informed choices for their lives. We will be able to provide a new handy hints leaflet and classes for parents whose child has severe epilepsy. One-to-one support will be extended to children and their families, including free advice and support at epilepsy clinics and a dedicated helpline. Our direct work with vulnerable families can be taken across the country. Through the Trust, we can assist families to take control and lessen stress. That’s why this funding is so important and life changing."
Susan Douglas-Scott
Chief Executive, Epilepsy Scotland

"I am indebted to MMT for their support with the parent group meetings and for making it such a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Their commitment to funding Epilepsy Scotland’s work for children and families is greatly appreciated."
Michael Adair
Epilepsy Social Worker, Epilepsy Scotland

"Both Dave and I have found meeting with other parents in a similar situation useful. It's good to know you are not alone and particularly to remind yourself of some of the techniques learned at the parenting course about play, consistency etc.

It is also nice to meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere - it helps a lot!"
June Savage, Mum to Alex - 4 yrs
Epilepsy Scotland Parenting Group

"The parents’ meetings, and in particular the Muir Maxwell contribution for evening get togethers, have provided an invaluable 'self support' service. I have occasionally felt a bit of a fraud as most if not all of the other families are affected by much more severe forms of childhood epilepsy. My son maintains a relatively normal life and attends a mainstream school but the challenges of making sure he has the best chance of 'normality' are enormous in their own way. The parents’ group and Michael Adair's readily available expert advice helps us through the 'no man's land' of a child with epilepsy that needs constant parental support but isn't affected enough to merit the type and level of support that others do. All it takes is a chat with one parent, or a comment from another at the parents’ meetings and I find renewed determination to try a different tack or approach with all the people in Milo's life."
Richard Moss, father of Milo
Epilepsy Scotland Parenting Group