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What we do

The Trust’s remit is to provide practical support to children and their families coping with severe epilepsy and to increase awareness and understanding of epilepsy and help remove the stigma associated with the condition.

In terms of the distribution of funds, the Muir Maxwell Trust has directed its charitable spending to three key areas:

1. Helping families – to directly impact families struggling to cope.

2. Helping hospitals – by supplying equipment to hospitals where these items will make a significant difference to families and where the funds are not available from the public purse.

3. Helping other charitable organisations – to support projects and initiatives dedicated to helping children with severe epilepsy.

Traditionally, the Maxwells have stage managed a major fundraising ball each year in either London or Edinburgh, with the exception of 2006 when Ann took time out to have surgery for a life threatening brain tumour. The MMT balls have been an outstanding success, both in terms of funds raised and as an effective awareness raising campaign.

The team, including some volunteers, regularly present to schools and speak at conferences. Many of the Trust’s volunteers are parents of children with epilepsy and have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of epilepsy, based on first hand experience