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Ketogenic Diet Clinics

Recent trials in Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH), conducted by HRH The Prince of Wales' Chair of Paediatric Epilepsy, Professor Helen Cross , have evidenced that the Ketogenic diet can be beneficial for some children with epilepsy.

In broad terms, the diet is regarded as highly beneficial for up to one third of children, whilst another third may show some improvement on the diet and the remainder will not benefit at all.

The diet is not new but interest in the diet has been revived. Parents are eager to try the diet when medication is proving ineffective. But clinics are few and far between and waiting lists are long, with delays of up to two years.

The Muir Maxwell Trust has responded to this demand for the Ketogenic diet by launching Ketogenic diet clinics, each one providing the dedicated services of a trained dietician and supporting nurse. Such clinics have so far been established in RHSC, Glasgow. RHSC, Edinburgh and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH). Initial funding is for two years whilst the long-term funding for these clinics has been secured by the Muir Maxwell Trust from the NHS.

The Trust works closely with Matthews Friends who campaign to promote the Ketogenic diet to parents and the medical profession and provide a 24 hour advice helpline. With the assistance of Matthews Friends we hope to identify similar opportunities for additional clinics in other UK hospitals.