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Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy (formerly the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy - NCYPE) is the only residential centre specialising in care for young people with epilepsy. Based in Lingfield in Surrey, it is the oldest residential centre of its type in the UK, dating back over 100 years. Children of all ages and with a multitude of complications from epilepsy are cared for and educated at this remarkable place.

Comprising residential homes, a nursery school, school, college, farm, market garden and numerous other sensory centres, children with epilepsy enjoy an environment in which they can thrive. Supported by a medical centre and hundreds of dedicated staff, the Centre provides an outstanding level of care for children who are largely misunderstood by the rest of society.

Moved to tears when they first visited the Centre, Jonny and Ann Maxwell and June Beedham resolved that the Muir Maxwell Trust would be a long-term supporter of  Young Epilepsy.

It began with white boards for their classrooms followed by an outreach epilepsy nurse and provision of toys for their medical centre. MMT then provided three state of the art telemetry units for Young Epilepsy’s new ‘Neville Childhood Epilepsy Centre’ naming a wing of the centre after the Muir Maxwell Trust. MMT is proud to be associated with this project and Young Epilepsy, with a donation totalling £182,000 so far.

The Trust is honoured to have worked closely with the first HRH The Prince of Wales’ Chair of Childhood Epilepsy, Professor Brian Neville – an appointment shared by Young Epilepsy, the Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.